Why affirmations work!

As we consider how to optimise our focus, execute our goals and take control of the working day there are many small techniques and tools that can be easily deployed to assist in setting us up for rip roaring success – positive affirmations happen to be one of those elements.

They are clear specific statements that when used repeatedly help you change your focus and mindset in an extremely positive way.  They can be thought of as an injection of motivation into the mind, focused thought leading to taking massive action.

It’s important to ensure that the statements used are in the present, powerfully constructed to be clear on intent even if the outcome or goal is still yet to achieved.
For example ‘I am financially independent’ or ‘I am passionate about my job’ or ‘I am respected by my peer group’.

The key is that you consider first what you want to achieve and then follow this by reminding and repeating to yourself the outcome that you desire. By repeating over and over, both by writing these down, reflecting on them daily and by saying them to yourself you will let your subconscious go to work to help you achieve them whilst constantly reminding you to take positives steps aligned with your goals.

I like the phrase ‘you are what you eat’ however this could be reworded as ‘you are what you repeat‘, at least it will ensure you stay in a positive mental state and drive you forward.

Now of course your affirmations have to be achievable and realistic much like your goals but go big – don’t make them easy – dream hard and push yourself, you want to be the best you can be? so stretch yourself – you are in control of your thoughts and attitude so why not make that visualisation as big and as bright as possible and then keep it front of mind at all times.

Your brain is incredible and it deals with everything in the moment.  When you think of something your brain gets to work to consider what appropriate action will follow.  Therefore it’s reasonable to assume that feeding it positive statements will result in meaningful actions.  If you don’t take control your brain will look for other influences to make sense of the immediate environment and then lead you down a different path, more often not the one aligned to your goals.

Like anything practice makes perfect – and repetition is the key to success with affirmations. Try writing down four or five affirmations and saying them to yourself when you first wake up and regularly during the day – success doesn’t happen overnight (I liked a quote I saw yesterday that said ‘it’s amazing how many late nights it takes to be an overnight success’!  I can’t remember who to attribute this to but it’s certainly true).

Build into your day a sprinkling of positive affirmations and repeatedly say them to yourself and let the magic of your mind assist you in achieving them.

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