Are you really working at fulfilling your true potential?

Highly successful individuals continuously contemplate which techniques will drive them to achieve greater success.  The journey to a better job, more money and responsibility is often the motivation.  However many still struggle with a feeling that they could and probably should have achieved much more.  It may be that from afar these professionals are exceeding in many aspects of their lives however the truth is that we all can squeeze more out of ourselves.  The vast majority of us if being truly honest with ourselves that we could do more, push more, achieve more, try harder in whichever aspect of life we feel important.

Now I’m not suggesting that many people don’t work hard, in some cases burning the candle at both ends, however we still know whether we were ‘all in’ and really giving everything when it mattered most – and most importantly aligned with our primary life goals.

Love him or hate him (and he does have his haters!) Tai Lopez believes ‘The Good Life’ to maximise the four pillars of success, Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness.  I do agree with this view and actually a really great way of thinking about what really is required to feel satisfied with life.  I think if we were to audit our lives in each of these four categories we would probably agree more could be done.  Now clearly achieving a balance in each isn’t necessarily a good thing but when we think of Wealth (and working relentlessly as an intrepreneur) we should be challenging ourselves to feel we have pushed to the limit – if of course we want to reach the top.

Remember this is not for everyone – some people are simply happy with their situation and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that however most leaders in organisations value those who take responsibility and are accountable for their actions and have the best interests of the company to heart.  Equally you must understand the critical tasks of your organisation, those handful of important activities that lead to success.  You should be operating at an extremely high level in your current role but also understand clearly what is expected of your boss and be working to develop those skills and competencies such that you are ready to assume the role when called upon.

There are only two things you can really control, your attitude and how you react to things therefore stepping out of your comfort zone and really pushing hard to fulfil your potential is one of the ways you will progress.  Recognise when you feel like you could do more and reflect on each occurrence at the end of the day – what can you learn, how would you act if faced with a similar opportunity in the future?

‘A temperate fire never boils the water’ (Alvin Conway)

Take the time to reflect on where you should push and end the day having giving it everything you got – you’ll feel and see the difference almost immediately as you start living up to your potential.

Welcome to The Relentless Intrepreneur

Firstly I want to begin by welcoming you to my blog and thank you for visiting!  I really hope that you will find it useful and effective as I share my thoughts, ideas and suggestions from both my own experiences and what I’ve observed in others over the past 20 years in business.  My objective and commitment to you is to help you succeed as you take each progressive step up the corporate ladder.  This blog is focused primarily on supporting the millennial generation develop their skills to tackle head on the challenges faced in an ever changing business landscape however many of the ideas captured will benefit anyone wishing to progress in their careers.  I truly believe that if you are armed with the right tools, techniques, attitude and a well executed game plan you really can become incredibly successful.  I get that you are ambitious and whilst overnight success is found at the other end of hard work and commitment if you are focused motivated and relentless and prepared to develop and evolve your skills, knowledge and personal brand you will secure the very best roles or gain internal promotion and recognition in your pursuit of executive level status.  This is about being ultra effective, optimising time, understanding that by applying a growth mindset, structuring your working day correctly and executing with purpose and passion you can and will become unstoppable.  I’m here to help you contentiously improve in pursuit of becoming the very best version of yourself.  Let the journey being…